At VCS Engineering, we’re passionate about the role of bridges in connecting people and transporting goods worldwide. As our population grows, the demand on existing, aging bridge infrastructure increases. Inspecting and maintaining these structures is crucial to ensure they remain in a state of good repair.

Our Expertise

We specialize in evaluating and preserving bridge infrastructure. Our expertise is broad, from historic structures like the Arlington Memorial Bridge in Washington, DC, signature structures like the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, UAE, to common highway bridges like the M8 West Street in Glasgow, Scotland, which commuters rely on every day.  

We evaluate bridges of every type, determining their condition, understanding their service life, and implementing efficient and effective repair and corrosion management strategies.  

Some of our key strengths in the bridge market include:

  • Substructure reuse
  • Post-tensioning
  • Load ratings
  • Corrosion mitigation 
Picture of a white bridge, spanning a river. Arlington Memorial Bridge, Washington, DC.

As accelerated bridge construction gains popularity for rehabilitating decks or superstructures, preserving the substructure remains paramount. VCS excels at ensuring the rehabilitated substructure will have a service life extension comparable to the expected service life of the new superstructure. 

Common Challenges

In the realm of post-tensioning, identifying grout defects is notoriously challenging and can significantly impact a bridge’s performance and durability. Our team has developed effective and efficient non-destructive methods to locate and evaluate grout defects.  

Blueprints are often lost over time for older structures, and it’s crucial to understand their load-carrying capacity. VCS employs various non-destructive techniques to uncover the as-built construction details of these structures, enabling engineers to perform accurate load ratings. 

Corrosion remains one of the leading causes of bridge deterioration. Our team of experts excels in assessing corrosion and developing corrosion mitigation plans to preserve a structure’s integrity.  

Watch this video to see how our engineers were able to extend the service life of this 71 year old structure!

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We provide extensive experience across a range of structures and environmental conditions.

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