Durability Consulting

We advance structural longevity through enhanced concrete durability.

Durability of reinforced concrete is critical for the longevity of infrastructure. But making informed decisions requires proper data. We offer a range of durability consulting services to help you overcome common challenges and achieve your goals. 

At VCS Engineering, we have the knowledge, experience, and technology to help you understand and predict the service life of your structure, with or without repairs, and recommend corrosion mitigation strategies. 

We understand concrete durability, the challenges of predicting concrete behavior, and the importance of accurate information to make informed decisions. We identify early deterioration trends, determine their root cause, and create plans for maintenance, repair, and extension of civil and structural assets. All efforts aim to improve the reliability of infrastructure.


person writing in a notebook with structural data written on it in columns.


Our experts will help you determine which methods are most effective and economical for your needs. 

Infrastructure Rehabilitation Options

We’ve designed many corrosion mitigation systems to extend structures' service life in various environmental conditions worldwide. We can implement multiple corrosion mitigation strategies that range in cost and expected service life extension. These include proper concrete repair strategies, sealing and coatings, electrochemical treatments, and cathodic protection. We will work with the design team and owners to determine which strategies will best meet the owner's service life requirements and mitigate deterioration within the required budget. 

Service Life Modeling

Our engineers perform detailed service life models of structures to help understand the progression of deterioration and inform the effective use of resources for rehabilitation. At VCS, we collect data from field investigations to provide data for service life models. Using these models, we provide an understanding of what elements of a structure will require corrosion mitigation or rehabilitation over the intended service life of the structure. 

Thermal Analysis of Concrete

We offer thermal modeling and cooling design of massive concrete placements. Cooling massive concrete placements minimizes crack formation due to thermal shock or restrained thermal contraction during construction. This modeling provides guidance to prevent reaching the maximum allowable concrete temperature and temperature differential limits specified. We can establish a placement and curing plan that minimizes the probability of thermal cracking by modeling the temperature development of each unique massive concrete placement. 

Project Experience

We provide extensive experience across a range of structures and environmental conditions. 

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