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Power generation comes in many forms, including solar, wind, nuclear, coal, gas, and hydroelectric. Each form has a web of infrastructure, from cooling towers to dams, containment structures and transmission networks. These structures are susceptible to significant deterioration depending on their location and the extreme conditions they face. Any issues with this critical infrastructure can disrupt millions of people, compromising safety and well-being. The evaluation and preservation of energy infrastructure are paramount in our comprehensive suite of services.  

Our experts have contributed to various energy structures worldwide. 

Buchanan Dam.

Our Experience

We employed an investigation at Pointe du Bois Dam in Manitoba, Canada, where they performed ground penetrating radar surveys, electrical continuity testing, and corrosion potential testing. 

We evaluated and modeled the corrosion progression of galvanized steel piles supporting solar panels at large solar farms. Premature deterioration of the piles had resulted in operational issues and reduced energy output. Wind turbines, with rotating blades and stress-inducing vibrations are not exempt from challenges. We have conducted non-destructive testing to evaluate cracks in the foundations of wind turbines, understanding their extent and severity. 

Dam infrastructure with gates and lock systems containing submerged steel elements faces the threat of corrosion that can impair their operation, jeopardizing the dam's safety. We design cathodic protection systems for dam elements and ensure high-quality installation through comprehensive QA/QC protocols. Spillways and other water flow structures associated with dams and reservoirs often encounter seepage issues below these elements. Our team employs advanced techniques like ground penetrating radar and resistivity measurements to locate and address areas of seepage.  

Power generation facilities with nuclear, gas-fired, and coal technologies often rely on cooling structures. But cooling structures are exposed to water and high temperatures— an environment prone to corrosion deterioration. We evaluate and rehabilitate a range of cooling structures, including parabolic cooling towers, cooling basins, and chimneys.

Related Projects

We provide extensive experience across a range of structures and environmental conditions.

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