Structural Health Monitoring

Safeguard your structure's integrity with state-of-the-art structural health monitoring solutions by StructureView®.

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) systems can help ensure the integrity and safety of any structure. But proper monitoring requires expertise and advanced technology. 

Our comprehensive suite of monitoring solutions called StructureView® allows your team to identify and extract essential information to make performance and maintenance decisions. We build monitoring systems to evaluate the performance of cathodic protection systems, detect corrosion, monitor bridge movement, locate and identify scour, and monitor the health and safety of works. Our state-of-the-art technology has a proven track record in the harshest environments.

We’ll help you select the right system for your needs and make sure it’s managed properly. 

StructureView Monitoring Marine Piles

Full Access to Your Data

At VCS, we believe in giving you complete access and control of your data. That means no monthly fees to access your data after the system is installed. Once we install and commission a monitoring system, we provide thorough training for system management.

For clients that don’t want to manage their remote monitoring data, we offer optional yearly management services, which can be canceled at anytime. All data collected is fully accessible to you, the owner. 

When you choose VCS Engineering’s StructureView® technology, you gain the advantage of our expertise and experience. Our skilled team will work closely with you to design customized monitoring solutions tailored to your needs and budget. We take pride in our ability to deliver accurate, reliable, and actionable data to help you make informed decisions about the maintenance and management of your structures.

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Our experts will help you determine which methods are most effective and economical for your needs. 

Loads and Displacement Monitoring

We install stress, strain, and displacement sensors on various structures to provide a real-time understanding of loading and movement. This information can be critical in monitoring structure performance under loading. Engineers can also use this information to load rate a structure that needs accurate drawings or plans or be in an unknown state of deterioration. 

Remote Monitoring of Cathodic Protection Systems

Our remote monitoring technologies offer cost-effective and reliable monitoring and maintenance of cathodic protection systems. Installed on galvanic and impressed current systems, it monitors critical factors like current output from anodes, rectifier input and output, and steel polarization. The system performs automated depolarization and alerts when needed. We can install our monitoring technology on any existing system, providing optimum performance levels and protection against corrosion. Trust our experienced team to ensure your cathodic protection system is operating efficiently.

Remote Monitoring of Construction Sites and Safety

Construction sites are inherently dangerous. At VCS, safety on construction sites is of critical importance. Therefore, we implement remote monitoring to measure various parameters that help safety managers track site conditions to keep you and your team safe. 


The data for all VCS monitoring projects is hosted on StructureView®, our proprietary website database. The password-protected website provides an easy-to-use interface to view and manipulate the data collected by remote monitoring equipment. Owners can view standard data reports or download raw data and manipulate it as needed. 

StructureView® actively alerts clients and VCS Engineering whenever issues arise, allowing prompt resolution. 

Project Experience

We provide extensive experience across a range of structures and environmental conditions. 

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